The Doğuş Group, founded in 1951, sets standards for a better living by being at the forefront of discoveries that shape modern life.

Doğuş, which aspires to be a global house of best in class lifestyle brands that create aspiration, not only for customers but also employees, partners and even competitors, continues to work in all of its fields of operation with the aim of becoming a global player.

The Doğuş Group, active in six core businesses including automotive, construction, media, hospitality & retail, real estate, and energy sustains its growth with new investments in the areas of technology, sports, and entertainment along with its current operations. With over 300 companies and 18,000 employees, the Group serves its customers with advanced technologies, highest brand quality and a dynamic human resource.

The Doğuş Group, owes its success to a management approach centered on customer satisfaction and efficiency. As a result of this approach, the Group continues to build strong partnerships with globally reputable brands, and represent Turkey across the world. Doğuş Group, currently partners and cooperates with some of the large global players including: Volkswagen AG and TÜVSÜD in automotive; Hyatt International Ltd. in tourism; the international Azumi Group that holds under its roof brands such as Roka, Zuma and Oblix in food & beverage; and the South Korean SK Group in e-commerce.

The Doğuş Group, management approach also embodies a strong corporate citizenship awareness that the whole society does and will benefit. In launching social responsibility projects, the Group always aims to leave a mark on people’s life and make it much better. The Group’s social responsibility projects are managed with the objective to help the society to create a progressive future; a modern lifestyle. The Group launches and carries out a variety of corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, particularly focused on culture and arts, sports and education. Aware of its responsibilities in all the areas it supports, Doğuş Group, acts with the vision of leading the community by example, and contributes to the economy and employment through its investments.

As a pioneer of change in Turkey, the Doğuş Group, capitalizes on its broad network of services, knowledge base and collaborations to attain its goals. The Doğuş Group, driven by its vision of becoming a global player that sets the standards and advances through explorations, continues to consider the partnership and investment opportunities that might be beneficial for the nation’s economy.